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Hey everyone! I’m sorry this post is late… But here is my first makeup related/ review post of 2016!!!!

So here is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self- Made Palette… This palette has a variety of fun and unique shades, all of which are very pigmented. I’ve loved this palette for a long time, but never ended up buying it, this was actually a Christmas gift from my aunt.  Here are some swatches and pictures of this lovely palette.


I think the reason why I never bought the palette is because there are so many bold colors, and that they wouldn’t be really usable, but I was so wrong! This colors are so usable and fun, and you can definitely create a bunch of cool looks with this palette.


I hoped you guys liked this post! Stay tuned for a fashion and lifestyle one coming up soon:)


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Goals for 2016~ The blog


Hi everyone! Happy New Year!!!

I’m not really the type of person who makes New Year’s resolutions, because you shouldn’t need a new calendar to start making goals for yourself. However, I wanted to talk about the goals I have made for myself. There are lots of things I want to improve.

One of the things being this blog. The blog will be going under major reconstruction, and it’s going to look so much better and cleaner. I feel like I haven’t been organized with not only the format of the blog, but with not having a consistent amount of posting. I already have a few posts coming up so look out for those. The schedule for the blog will be two posts every Saturday morning ( sometimes afternoon or evening). One post will be beauty related, and then second will be fashion related things.      I’ll also be adding a section which was in the original design for my blog, which is lifestyle. There will be content about world issues, and more personal. I’ll be posting content in that section once a week. The day I’ll be posting content on there is still being decided. Another thing I want to be doing with my blog is collaborating with other bloggers or future bloggers and YouTubers.


Past Present Future

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